Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hartwood Mansion Tour 7/16/05

My wife Kim, daughter Hannah, and I attended the 1:00 pm tour of the mansion this past Saturday. I have posted the pictures I took that day. Our tour guide was Barbara and she did a great job explaining how the Lawrence family lived as well as great details regarding the construction of Hartwood Acres. Please stay tuned and refresh often for more updates! Enjoy!

This is a picture of the stable complex located down over the hill from the mansion.

This picture is of a horse enjoying the day at the stable complex.

This is a picture of the rear of the house but in old english architecture the front of the house was the side that faced the road, so this is actually the front of the house, on the opposite side of the carriage entrance.

This is the main house.

This is a picture of the main house looking at the carriage entrance.

This is a picture of the pet cemetary, where my grandmother buried all her dogs.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Info. Request

Hello Friends of Hartwood,

I am trying to locate information about Booth and Flinn Construction. They were a large general contracting firm around the turn of century and built the Westinghouse Bridge, the Fort Pitt Tunnels, as well as the most of the cobblesone streets in Pittsburgh. Mary Flinn Lawrences' father was William Flinn. William Flinn was partners with Mr. Booth and was also a Pa. state Senator.

It is also thought that the company built the main house as well as stables and other outbuildings at Hartwood. I am trying to locate Booth & Flinn company records and documents for a project that I am working on.

If anyone out there has any info. to share please email me at the link provided at the right under my profile.


Please check back often and refresh, I will be updating this blog with new photos as well as new content related to Hartwood Acres.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hello all - Day 2 of the Hartwood Acres Blog!

I am sorting through pages of files I have kept on Hartwood throughout the years and am trying to pick and choose interesting facts regarding the house and the Lawrence family that are not discussed on the tour of the house.

Hopefully I will have this info. up soon. Please log a comment or 2 about this blog and let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This is Hartwood Acres, located in the north hills of Pittsburgh, Pa. Please check back as I update this site on information regarding this interesting home and the family that lived there.

Hello All!

Just a note to say hello to everyone that loves Pittsburgh and Hartwood Acres like I do. I will try to get this blog up and running asap so that friends of Hartwood can posts their thoughts.

I am putting this blog together to share my thoughts and feelings on my grandparent's home in Pittsburgh, Pa. that is known as Hartwood Acres. If you have visited Hartwood please feel free to post here.
Please be patient and check back often!