Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update on ceiling collapse

Hello all!

Just an update on the ceiling collapse from an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The good news is that the Christmas mansion tour will go on as usual. Please make an effort to go on a Christmas tour of the mansion, it is well worth it and will put you in the Christmas spirit! The volunteers at Hartwood do an amazing job of decorating the mansion.

Also, I need your help in locating records from the defunct Booth & Flinn Construction Company. I am in the early stages of gathering research material to write a book about Hartwood Acres and I need to locate the old records for my project. If you can help please email me and I will contact you to discuss how I can review the records. Perhaps someone you know worked for Booth & Flinn that would like to be interviwed for my book.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry that I have not updated the site in a while, I have been busy but I should have more time in the upcoming months.

Also, please feel free to link to my site if your site has visitors with like interests.

Thanks, Jeff

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