Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hartwood Timeline

Hello All,

I started compiling this timeline of events related to the Lawrence and Flinn families from Hartwood Acres.

More info. is forthcoming - enjoy !


Jeff L.

1851 – May 26 - William Flinn born in Manchester, England.
1851 – Nancy Galbraith born (Mary Flinn’s mother)
1875 – March 12 – George H. Flinn born (Mary Flinn’s brother)
1876 – Booth and Flinn Construction founded.
1881 – William Flinn elected to the Pennsylvania State Legislature.
1885 – February 5 – A. Rex Flinn born (Mary’s brother).
1887 – February 20 – Mary Flinn born in Pittsburgh, Pa. (from birth certificate)
1891 – February 11 – John W. Lawrence born in Pittsburgh, Pa.
1895 – Good Roads Act written by William Flinn becomes law in Pa.
1898 - James Booth retires from Booth and Flinn and is succeeded by George H. Flinn
1914 – June 11 – John W. Lawrence (age 24) and Mary Flinn (age 27) married, reception at Senator Flinn's house at Braemar. (from marriage license)
1922 – Holland Tunnels built by Booth and Flinn.
1924 – February 19 - Senator William Flinn dies in St. Petersburg, Florida.
1924 – 1927 (app.) Hartwood Acres built.
1927 – April 27 - Nancy Galbraith passes
1929 - March 29 - George H. Flinn passes
1930 – George Westinghouse Memorial Bridge built by Booth and Flinn.
1934 - June 11 - John Frederick Scott born in England - adoptive son of Mary and John Lawrence - later changed to John W. Lawrence Jr. - lived in Grove City, Pa.
1937 - July 16 - William Lawrence born in France - adoptive son of Mary and John Lawrence.
1945 – January 26 – John W. Lawrence dies at age 54. (from death certificate)
1950 - A. Rex Flinn dies.
1960 – Booth and Flinn purchased by the last owner – New York Industrialist M. Edward Lipset.
1963 – Mary Flinn Lawrence in auto accident.
1967 – February 5 – Jeffrey S. Lawrence born (grandson of Mary Flinn Lawrence)
1968 – November 3 – Lee K. Lawrence born (grandson of Mary Flinn Lawrence)
1969 (?) Booth and Flinn out of business (per newspaper clipping – not dated)
1969 – Hartwood Acres purchased by Allegeny County from the Lawrence family.
1974 – October 29 – Mary Flinn Lawrence dies in Pittsburgh, Pa. (from death certificate)
1977 - October 27 – WQED films “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” at Hartwood Acres.
2003 - February 25 - William (Billy) Lawrence passes in Florida
2011 - December 21 - John W. Lawrence Jr. passes in Grove City, Pa.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Hello all,

I believe that the mansion is opening for tours this months after being closed following the Christmas holidays. Make sure you get their early for the tours as they tend to fill up quickly.

As the nice weather approaches be sure to stop out at Hartwood Acres to enjoy the woods and the trails. The summer concert season is starting soon at the amphitheatre located at the west end of the property on Middle Road.

I am still researching Booth and Flinn Construction so if there is anyone out there that has info. on where I can access company records please contact me at

Please check back often as I update this site. Please email me with any suggestions for this site. Also, if you have a site with similiar interests as this site please email me about exchanging links.

Have a great Spring,

Jeff L.