Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hartwood Family Movies Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer. Sorry that I have taken so long to post but my energies have been directed elsewhere this summer. Now that fall is hear my schedule is slowing down a bit and I can focus my energies in areas that I have been lacking, such as my family home movies.

I have been in contact with a true friend of Hartwood as well as a former member of the Friends of Hartwood Bill Vorhaben. Mr. Vorhaben and I have been in discussions regarding securing the necessary funding to have home movies shot by my grandfather John Lawrence transferred from the existing format of 16mm to a more suitable and permanent format. The home movies that I have are dated from the late 1920's to the 1940's and I believe are mostly shot at Hartwood. The films are in canisters and are marked as follows:

Mrs Roosevelt & Farm, Pinchots (most likely Governor Pinchot whom Mary Lawrence was good friends with. Also, possible footage of President Teddy Roosevelt and his wife with whom John and Mary Flinn Lawrence were known to have visited).
Unknown - Kids on swingset (most likely my dad John W. Lawrence and my uncle Bill Lawrence).
1926 Farm (Hartwood?)
Ridng Party (probably footage of a fox hint or equestrian show)
Johnny on Terrance (my dad John W. Lawrence on his pet horse Terrance)
Tablet Unveiling
Senator Flinn (most likely unveiling of the tablet showing that Route 8 was named the William Flinn Highway. By the way, most markers on Route 8 misspell William Flinn's name by spelling the last name Flynn, but that is another story best saved for another day - Nothing like honoring a man's good name by naming a highway after him and then misspelling his name!)
Hartwood Horseshow (year unknown)
1924 Farm (probably Hartwood)
Rolling Rock Hunt (most likely footage of a fox hunt)
Children and Pony (I held the film to a light and saw my Dad and Uncle on horseback when they were very little boys).

Pleas check back as I will update the blog whenever new information is obtained.

I am looking forward to touring Hartwood this Christmas with my good friend Chris Shurilla and his wife Teresa. They live in Hawaii and are flying into town for the holidays. Chris and I have been best friends since the 5th grade and he very much wants to tour the Mansion as well the grounds when he and his wife are in town this Christmas.

Until next time be safe and take care,

Jeff Lawrence

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