Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hartwood Visit

Hello All!

Dad and I were at Hartwood last Tuesday doing some work on my Hartwood Project. Dad and I walked through all of the rooms at Hartwood while Dad recorded his thoughts on a hand held tape recorder. I will transcribe his spoken word into a Word or some other type of document to include in my Hartwood Project. More on this later, I might post this transcript at some other time.

We met Sylvia Easler and some of the tour guides at the mansion, it was nice to sit awhile with everyone and chat.

I have been unable to post to this blog for about the last month, Google finally figured out was wrong with it and they fixed it last night. I apologize for those of you that wrote me about posting the info. for the compass orienteering exercise held at Hartwood last month as I was unable to post it. Please contact me the next time you have such an exercise and I will post it.

Until next time!
Jeff Lawrence

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