Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day visit at Hartwood

Hello all,

Our whole family showed up at Hartwood this past Sunday on Father's Day to check out the 1940 Cadillac that supposedly belonged to my Grandmother. A true friend of Hartwood Mr. Bill Vorhaben arranged for the car to be displayed that day. The car belongs to a local Cadillac dealership owner and the car was supposed to have belonged to a Lawrence family but the exact Lawrence family is unknown. My Grandmother owned a 1938 Cadillac and it is thought that maybe she traded in the 1938 for this 1940 model. In any event, the car displayed at Hartwood was gorgeous and completely restored. Whoever it belonged to it is a great ride!
Our friend Josh met us at Hartwood along with his parents. A good time was had by all. We all went on a tour of the mansion and then had dinner afterwards.
Enjoy the pictures!



Anonymous said...

Just visited Hartwood this past weekend with my mom and sister and brother in law who live in Pittsburgh. What a wonderful place! The house was not open for tours but I was curious about the history. Glad to see you have some history and pics posted since I could only peer through the windows. Best of luck with the research. You are blessed to have such an interesting and historical family!

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible estate! I'm from Plum, about a half hour from Hartwood, and I have heard about this all my life mainly from the Festival of Lights every year. It wasn't until this past week that I actually looked into it. My boyfriend and I wanted something different to do this year for our night that we exchange gifts for Christmas, and this seemed like a good idea. Once I started looking at things online about it, it was obvious that it was a perfect idea! I look forward to making my first visit to Hartwood Acres!