Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New pictures of Hartwood being built!

Hello Hartwood fans,

I was loaned some pictures of Hartwood being built which I scanned in and attached below. I was also loaned scrapbooks from 1924-1927 documenting the passing of William Flinn of which I am busy perusing and studying for research for my book.

I added some comments to the pictures below, enjoy!

This is a view of the mansion looking at the garage - these are now mens and ladies restrooms at the mansion.

This is a view of the mansion as you would pull up the drive at the front (rear) of the home. Note on the extreme right of the photo the cottage (where the tours start) and the main portion of the mansion are not connected.

This is a view of the rear (front) of the mansion. Here again the cottage is not attached to the main part of the mansion. Note the large awning, this room is where the tours start.

View of the rear (front) of the mansion. Another perfect picture showing that the cottage and mansion are not connected. Note the scaffolding on the cottage.

View of the area of where the gardens are now. The driveway up to the front (rear) of the mansion is shown on the left.

Pretty cool stuff eh? I will be posting some other little tidbits in the upcoming weeks.
Take care until then,
Jeff L.

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