Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are now on Facebook!

I started a Facebook page on Hartwood called "Fans of Hartwood Acres". Please check it out and sign up for this fun page. We have around 30 friends that have joined the page but let's get some more!

Please feel free to join and post pictures of this beautiful park - spread the word and get your friends to join!


patricia said...

Hey Jeff,
I just visited Hartwood on Sunday and really enjoyed the tour.
We drive down each year to see the lights they are great.
So I just found your page and am tryin to get this inforamtion right.
Are you the Grandson to Mary Flinn Lawrence? Is your Father the one that lives near Grove City the tour guide speak of?
Just want to drop a note of how much we enjoyed the grounds.
thank you

Jeff Lawrence said...

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the note Patricia. Yes, my Grandmother was Mary Flinn Lawrence and my Dad is John Lawrence that lives near Grove City.

Thank you for visiting Hartwood, it is truly a beautiful and calm place to enjoy. Feel free to stop by our Hartwood FaceBook page and join!

Patricia said...

Hey Jeff,
I love the history of Hartwood
and do enjoy it so much.
As I was taking the tour I was thinking how much fun it would be for these little boys in this huge home.
I am sure your Father has told you many stories of his years at Hartwood. What a great place to visit and learn. I hope to go back down soon.
thank for your reply