Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hartwood Lights needs new sponsor!

Rite Aid is not sponsoring the Hartwood Lights show anymore. They have done a fantastic job the last 18 years and have raised lots of money for worthy charities. Let's hope they find another corporate sponsor soon.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

John and Mary's Wedding Video!

This wedding video was taken June 11, 1914 (Mary Flinn was 27 years old, John W. Lawrence was 24 years old). The reception was shot at Braemar, the Pittsburgh home of Senator William Flinn. Pretty good film quality for an event that took place 94 years ago.

If you look closely at the bridal table you will see the white swan fountain centerpiece, this is the same fountain seen at the Hartwood mansion today, it is located in the hallway connector between the library and great hall.

This video was transferred to a Mini DV tape from an original 16mm family film that we have had in our family for many years. I wanted to share this film clip with my Hartwood fans, only a few people had seen this clip prior to today.

Enjoy and PLEASE post your comments as I am interested to read your thoughts on this video.